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Licensing agreement of CJSC “HIMSORBENT” and PROSERNAT

prosernat.jpg In 2017 CJSC “Himsorbent” and Prosernat (France) signed a licensing agreement   that includes the use of technology, know-how and software of the process   AdvAmine™ energizedMDEA, which is protected by patent of the Russian   Federation No. 2201282, registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property: «Regenerative method for de-acidifying a gas containing CO2 and liquid hydrocarbons, using an absorbing liquid based on activated methyldiethanolamine».

The purpose of agreement is introduction of this process AdvAmine™ energizedMDEA at the Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant of LLC “Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan” in order to replace the existing diethanolamine (DEA) solvent at the gas purification units.

New sorbent production will be located in the industrial area of CJSC «Himsorbent» in Dzerzhinsk. The product will be produced under the trademark MDEA modified special grade E (MDEA m.s. grade E). Nowadays the use of new generation sorbent MDEA modified special is the most perspective trend of development the market of sorbents for oil & gas industry and at the plants for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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