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To purchase products manufactured by Sintez OKA Group, you should:

             •         complete and submit (by fax or e-mail); a product purchase request (rus);

             •         order products online by filling a request (rus) on our website.

Should you have any questions (with regard to price, payment terms), please feel free to contact the relevant manager.

After receipt of a product purchase request, an invoice for prepayment will be submitted to your address within one business day. A prepayment invoice is valid for 5 business days.

List of documents necessary for contract conclusion of contract (rus).


Provision of motor vehicles for loading of products shall be agreed with a shipping specialist. Formation of a shipment schedule for the next week shall be ensured every Wednesday of the current week. Should no notice on provision of vehicles for loading be submitted within the specified deadline (by e-mail, telephone, or fax), no shipment shall be carried out. An issued prepayment invoice shall not be considered the seller consent to ship products off schedule without agreement with specialists. Please let us know the arrival dates in advance (prior to Thursday of the current week).   

Shipment shall be carried out strictly upon crediting of funds to the Company settlement account.

When shipment of goods is performed by the Customer’s efforts, the following documents are required:

·             •       a power of attorney executed according to M-2 form (rus); ;    

           •      a passport of the person to whom the power of attorney for cargo receipt is issued;

                 if shipment is performed by a shipping company a letter of guarantee for goods receipt (rus) shall also be                      submitted;

           •      in case of shipment by the Customer’s containers a container cleanliness certificate (rus) shall also be                            provided; 

Vehicles shall be provided from 7.30 a.m. till 11.00 a.m.

∗∗ if vehicles are provided later than 11.00 a.m., shipment using resources of Sintez OKA Group shall be carried out to the extent technically feasible.

Small shipments (up to 5 t) shall be carried out on Thursdays and Fridays.

Goods shall be loaded only into motor vehicles intended for hazardous goods transportation.




Russian and CIS market:
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Distant foreign countries market:
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