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Construction Chemicals

The Construction Chemicals Division focuses on key segments of the construction industry: cement and concrete.

For the cement industry we manufacture grinding aids under the trade mark «InCem»™ and «InCem RAW”™, and also grinding aids for mineral powder grinding.

For the concrete industry we produce polycarboxylate ethers «SINTEFLOW»™, which are the crucial raw material for the superplasticizers for concrete production.

We also produce various types of raw materials used in the construction industry such as ethoxylated and hydroxypropylated products, ethers and glycols of various chemical nature and properties.

grinding aids

InCem - grinding aids

• Increase the output of cement mills
• Reduce power consumption
• Improve the fineness and granulometry of the powder
• Reduce the consumption of the grinding media

grinding aids

InCem - quality improvers

• Improves strength and physical-mechanical properties of cement
• Increase the involvement of mineral additives without compromising cement performance
• Increase the hydrophobicity of mineral powders

InCem - quality improvers

InCem - Chromium (VI) reducers

Which offers a significant and durable reduction of Hexavalent Chromium, even at low dosages


SINTEFLOW polycarboxylate esters

Provide new opportunities in the design of innovative compositions:
• self-compacting concrete
• architectural concretes
• transport concretes
• concretes with high vitality
• special concretes

sinteflow 1.jpg

SINTEFLOW polycarboxylate esters

• Significantly improve environmental factors in the concrete production
• Have unchallenged supremacy during storage and transportation compared to other chemical bases

sinteflow 3.jpg

SINTEFLOW polycarboxylate esters

• Significantly reduce the cost of concrete
• Allow to produce the most effective additives for concrete