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Production complex

The manufacturing complex of the Sintez OKA Group of Companies is represented by modern industrial enterprises located in the Eastern industrial district of the Dzerzhinsk city of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. All enterprises continuously work on implementation of new production technologies and extension of the range of released products.

Main company specialization is production of hydroxyethylated products, primarily ethanolamines.

The first batch of ethanolamines was manufactured at the first site in autumn 2001. This manufacturing uses innovative technology based on anhydrous synthesis of ethanolamines from ammonia and ethylene oxide which helps to reduce power costs, achieve high product quality, provide environmental safety of the process and wide selectivity of products release. After modernization of 2010 production of triethanolamine containing 99% of the main substance and 30 Hazen units was started up in Russia for the first time.

Invaluable experience was accumulated within this period which helped the company to take leading positions in the Russian amines market and break through to the international level.

Sintez OKA Group of Companies involves the only Russian production of dimethylethanolamine, which is obtained by means of interaction between dimethylamine and ethylene oxide.

The range of hydroxyethylated products released by «Sintez OKA» Ltd also includes nonionic surfactants (such as OP-7OP-10Sinthamid-5K), methyl alcohol ethers.

CJSC «Himsorbent» is Russia's only manufacture of methyldiethanolamine (MDEA), a high-tech sorbent used mainly in the oil, gas and air-nitrogen industries. Other parts of the complex include the manufacture of mixed special sorbents for gas treatment based on MDEA .

The founders of the company are: OJSC «Gazprom» and JSC «Himtek Engineering».

Nowadays the manufacturing complex of CJSC «Himsorbent» is dynamically developing, and new solutions are being created and implemented in order to meet the growing consumer`s demands.

Now, 45 % of CJSC «Himsorbent» production goes for export.

In cooperation with JSC «Himtek engineering», Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry and Gazprom VNIIGAZ efforts are underway to assess consumer preferences and requirements to quality characteristics of products. As a result, new solutions for gas treatment process are regularly introduced to meet different consumer`s demands.

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