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Investments are one of the most effective mechanisms of social and economic transformations.

Today investments attraction allows Sintez OKA Group of Companies to develop new work areas, enlarging and increasing activity of resources of their strategic partners. The Group strategy in the area of technical development is focused on strengthening of competitive abilities in the target markets (amines) and expansion to markets with a large growth potential.

While developing our investments program we focus on the customers’ needs, possibilities of development of new chemical industry segments in Russia, interests of our strategic partners as well as experience and possibilities of the group of companies.

The center of investment projects control and development was established on the basis of the managing company JSC «Himtek Engineering» and is located in St. Petersburg. 

The result of the investment activity of the Sintez OKA Group of Companies is the implementation of projects innovative for the Russian chemical industry and of technological innovations under optimal conditions. In such way we solve significant industry tasks and provide the possibility to our partners to invest their funds more effectively.

Alkylethanolamines production expansion
Product: Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA and MDEA ms), dimethylethanolamine(DMEA) 
Project target: establishment of the modern universal production of alkylethanolamines  
Main results of project implementation:

  • Improvement of quality of the produced dimethylethanolamine on the basis of technological processes upgrading, reduction of power costs per product unit.
  • Satisfaction of growing demand for absorbents in gas treatment area on the basis of methyldiethanolamines, strengthening of the Group positions on the market.

Amines production modernization
Product: Ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, TEA), alkylethanolamines (MDEA, DMEA) 
Production capacity: power increase of 100%
Project target: expansion of the key activity type of «Sintez OKA» Ltd in respect of ethenolamines and alkylethanolamines production.
Main results of project implementation:

  • Expansion of modern ethanolamines production based on use of the advanced technology of anhydrous synthesis of ammonium and ethylene oxide.
  • Establishment of the only Russian and CIS production of triethanolamine extraction with 995 main substance content.
  • Implementation of the technology of obtaining modified and modified special methyldyethanolamine (MDEA ms).

Start-up of ethylene oxide supply pipeline
Project target: optimization of ethylene oxide supplies from the manufacturer (OJSC «SIBUR-Neftekhim»).              
Main results of project implementation:

  • Provision of stable supplies of the basic raw substance – ethylene oxide.
  • Reduction of initial price of ethylene oxide by means of reduction of transport and storage costs.

Grinding aids production 
Product: Cement grinding aid «InCem»                             
Production capacity: 10 000 tons/year
Project target: Establishment of timely production of construction chemicals (cement additives) 
Main results of project implementation:

  • Production diversification.
  • Position of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cement grinding aids in Russia.
  • Provision of additional possibilities for development of cement grinding aids for other industries.

Expansion of manufacturing of oil-field chemical products
Product: hydrogen sulphide scavengers, demulsifying agents, corrosion inhibitors Project target: development of manufacture and sales of oil-field chemical products Main results of project implementation:

  • Product line diversification.
  • Establishment of a new unit for production of triazines and hydrogen sulphide scavengers on their basis.
  • Establishment of necessary facilities.
  • Expansion of production of demulsifying agents and corrosion inhibitors by means of equipment upgrading.

Production of methoxypolyethylene glycols and polycarboxylates
Product: methoxypolyethylene glycols and polycarboxylates
Project target: development of "Construction chemicals" area
Main results of project implementation:

  • Product line diversification.
  • Production of methoxypolyethylene glycols (MPEG) with the assigned quality level on the basis technological processes advancement.
  • Impementation of polycarboxylates production technology on the basis of use of produced methoxypolyethylene glycols (MPEG) as basic raw substances.

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