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Sintepol 1422

TU 20.16.40-006-06082157-2018

SINTEPOL 1422 – trifunctional high-molecular polyether, based on ethylene and propylene oxides, with a nominal molecular weight of polyether 4560. Contains a minimum amount of alkali metal cations due to modern purification technology. Used for opening pores or as base polyether in polyurethane foam systems designed for the production of soft (S), super soft (HS), high rubbery (HR), high visco-elastic (VE), standard (ST), elevated (high) rigidity (EL) molded and block foams.

Technical characteristics

Parameter, unit of measurement Standard value Method
1 Appearance Viscous homogeneous liquid from colorless to light yellow with opalescence TU cl. 5.2
2 Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g, within the range 35-39 GOST 25261
3 Аcid number, mg KOH/g, not more than 0,30 GOST 25210, TU cl. 5.3.1
4 Index of activity of hydrogen ions, pH, units, within the range 4,5-7,5 GOST 25241
5 Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 0,10 GOST 14870, ASTM E203-08, TU cl. 5.4.1
6 Basicity calculated with reference to ions [K+] or [Na+], ppm, not more than 10 OST 6-05-436-77, TU cl. 5.6.1
7 Dynamic viscosity at temperature of 25°С mPa *s, within the range 1000-1300 GOST 33, TU cl. 5.5

Packing: Aluminum, steel or polymer drums and jugs, IBC polymer containers, steel specialized containers.

Shipment: All means of transport.

Storage: Polyether-polyol is stored in hermetically sealed storage containers, under nitrogen pressure in covered warehouses at temperature not lower than 15°С in conditions that exclude moisture and dirt. It is allowed to store the product under roof or in an open area (external uncovered storage), providing protection of the product from direct sunlight, atmospheric condensation, pollution and mechanical damage.

Guaranteed shelf life-12 months from the date of manufacture in hermetically sealed supplier's storage containers.

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