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sintepol 157

TU 20.16.40-013-06082157-2019

SINTEPOL 157 – is a nitrogen-containing block copolymer of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, with a conditional molecular weight of 5000 polyester. SINTEPOL 157 is used as an active base reagent for demulsifiers and paraffin deposition inhibitors for the oil industry.

Technical characteristics

Parameter, unit of measurement Standard value Method
1 Appearance Viscous homogeneous liquid from yellow to brown TU cl. 5.2
2 Mass fraction of nitrogen,%, within the range 0,50-0,55 TU cl. 5.3
3 Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 0,1 GOST 14870, ASTM E203-08, TU cl 5.4.1
4 Index of activity of hydrogen ions, pH, of an aqueous emulsion with a mass fraction of the main substance of 5%, units, not more than 12 TU cl. 5.5

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