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Construction chemistry

InCEM implementation

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In order to obtain high and expected results with InСEM, the collective work of the Customer’s technical services and Sintez OKA - Construction chemistry is necessary. Our 10 years of experience confirms that the highest results are achieved together.

Only together

The effectiveness of InCEM is influenced by a huge number of factors, such as:

  • Design, mills inlet and capacity;
  • Clinker mineralogy;
  • The amount of mineral additives involved;
  • InCEM dosing methods;
  • The shape and technical characteristics of grinding media;

It is to solve the tasks in the conditions of high variability of external factors, we have developed a large number of InCEM grades, which differ in the raw materials used, the balance of the components and the production cycle. All brands interact differently with the crushed raw materials and give completely different results. And in order to find the optimal brand for the specific grinding conditions, we need the most complete information about the customer's production cycle.

Algorithm of interaction and form of documents to start using

Technical task

To begin implementation, the Customer sends to the "Sintez OKA – Construction chemistry" the Technical task for selection.

Brand selection

Theoretical selection of the InCEM brand

Laboratory grinding

Laboratory grinding on the clinker of the Customer.

Industrial tests

Industrial tests Transfer samples to factory. Departure of the engineers to the plant.

analysis of results

Selection of the optimal composition according to the ratio " Price / Efficiency»

Beginning of work

Signing contract. Start of deliveries.


  • Technical task
  • Laboratory tests

Please download the proposed Report form and fill in all the fields. Please, consider the “Aims” section. Remember that InCEM is not a magic and is not able to fulfill any desires.
Be sure to specify the brand and model of dosing equipment that is available. This information is extremely important, as the viscosity and dosing of different InCEM brands differ significantly. When choosing the optimal compositions, our engineers will take into account this factor.

The starting point for the start of work on tests is the “Test Program” signed by both parties. Such a program allows you to conduct tests quickly and get objective results.
In contrast to the “Rules for sending samples of InCEM”, the proposed pattern of the “Test program” is not a strict algorithm and can be changed in each particular case, based on the conditions and features of the tests conducted.


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Ruslan Gaynutdinov

Deputy development director
Sintez OKA - Construction Chemistry

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