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Products for Gas Treatment

The divisions of the Group of Companies «Sintez OKA» have developed and implemented gas treatment processes for oil refineries and gas processing plants, nitrogen production plants with the use of both conventional monoethanolamine (MEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) and special modified methyldiethanolamine (MDEAMS).

The best practice in usage of absorbents based on MDEAMS (as the more efficient substitute for MEA and DEA) by gas treatment has confirmed that the specified СО₂ removal rate was achieved, the corrosion processes were inhibited, there were no deposits on heat-exchange surfaces, costs for regeneration steam were saved, consumption rate of amine for treatment was reduced due to decrease of degradation. All these features cause the lower operating costs, increased productivity and lifetime of gas treatment units.

Special modified



MDEA MS, grade A - Mercaptan and НS removal from gas.

MDEA MS, grade B - Mercaptan, НS and СОremoval from gas.

MDEA MS, grade C - Simultaneous removal of НS and СО₂ from gas.

MDEA MS, grade D* - Selective removal of НS over СО₂.    


Is used both independently and in combination with other components for absorption of acid gases and sulfur-containing compounds in the gas purification process.


Is used for corrosion prevention for manufacturing equipment, sleeve, drill, field and main pipelines.

Esters of methyl alcohol

Is used as a component of mixed sorbents for natural gas purification.


Is used for hydrophobization of hole-bottom region for the purpose of  enhanced oil recovery.

Triasorb® M

Is used as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger in crude oil and refined products, in gas and aquatic mediums, as well as a biocidal additive for cutting fluids.


Is used as de-emulsifiers of oil emulsions and provide corrosion protection for oil-field equipment.

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