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The product range of the Sintez OKA Group of Companies, a leading manufacturer of hydroxyethylated products, include non-ionic surfactants which are widely used in various branches of industry.

Oil recovery

Compounds OP-7, OP-10 based on alkylphenol ethoxylates are used for enhanced oil recovery by means of hydrophobization of bottom-hole formation zone. The injection of non-ionic surface active agents induces the reduction of the surface tension at the oil-water boundary, the increase of the oil mobility and the improvement of water drive. Due to improved wettability of rocks the water penetrates into the pores filled with oil much better, flows more evenly through the formation and displaces oil much better. The application of non-ionic surface active agents allows reducing the consumption of water to be injected by 40%.

Production of detergents and cosmetics

Surface active agents are usually used as active component of detergents and cleaners for home care, car care, cleaning of dishes, cloths, goods, etc.

Metal mining industry

Non-ionic surfactants are applied as flotation agents while ore treatment of mineral recourses.

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