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Winterol 242


Winterol 242 – biodegradable, non-ionic surfactant. It is intended for use as the surfactant for production of synthetic detergents, as well as raw material for sodium lauryl ether sulphate, emulsifiers and wetting agents production.

Basic physical and chemical parameters

Parameter Reference value
Appearance at 20 °С Clear colorless or nebulous yellowish liquid
Mass content of free ethylene oxide, mg/kg < 1
Color of alcohol solution with mass fraction of product 10%, Hazen units < 25
Hydroxyl value, mg KOH/g, within the range 190 – 208
Mass fraction of water, % < 0,2
Mass content of free polyethylene glycols, % < 1,5
The average content of ethylene oxide, mol 2
Flash point, °C 169-174
Density at 70 ˚C, within the range 0,863-0,877
Activity index of aqueous solution hydrogen ions with mass fraction of product 1%, рH units 7 – 9

Sphere of application

WINTEROL 242 has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a main component in the production of Laureth Sodium Sulfate (INCI).

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