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Triethanolamine thermostable

Technical Requirements 6-02-982-96 rev. 1-3

Scope: production of synthetic fibers and shampoos, the automotive industry, and medicine.

Basic physical and chemical parameters:

No. Parameter name Rate
1 Appearance Viscous liquid without mechanical impurities
2 Mass fraction of ethanolamines amount based on triethanolamine, % 104-108
3 Mass fraction of triethanolamine, %, not less 80
4 Mass fraction of monoethanolamine, %, max 5
5 Mass fraction of diethanolamine, %, max 14
6 Mass fraction of water, %, max 1,5
7 Color of iodine scale, max 1 mgI2 /100 ml
8 Color after heat treatment on iodine scale, max 3 mg I2 /100 ml

Data for transportation:

Parameter Value
UN code 3082
HCDCS code 2922131000
Melting point17,9 – 21,2°С
Hazard Class
Sea transportation9
Railway transportation9
Truck transportationnot classified
Type of container Drum/IBC Truck 20 ft. container 40 ft. container Rail vehicle Railway tank car
ton ton drums ton drums ton drums ton drums
polyethylene (227 l) 0,225 18,45 82 18 80 23,4 104 41,4 18465 tons
IBC container

Transported by rail and road transport in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations for this transport.

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