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Quality improvers line.

The purpose of the InCEM S series - optimization of grinding process and quality improvement of OPC and blended cements.

The InCEM S series is a line of cement quality improvers. This series based on the use of isopropanolamines, alkylethanolamines and polyethers in compositions with polyhydric alcohols.

  • Application
  • Specification
  • Dosage
  • Storage and warranty
InCEM S used to:
  • Increase mill output and decrease energy consumption;
  • Improve 2 and 28 days strength;
  • Increase the involvement of mineral additives in cement, while maintaining the strength standards;
  • Improve the granulometry and increase the specific powder surface;
  • Increase product flowability;
InCEM S used for grinding:
  • OPC and blended cements;
  • Marble, Microcalcite, Microsilica (optional).

The InCEM E series is composition of isopropanolamines, alkylethanolamines and polyethers in compositions with polyhydric alcohols. The series is available with numeric indexes from 100 to 1000, depending on the ratio of components. Also in the series brands S1001, S2001, S2801.
The dry residue and the freezing point is not standardized.

Physical – chemical indicators for InCEM E series

Clear liquid from light brown to black color
Density at 20 °С, g/cm3 1,10-1,18
рН, at 20 °С 8,0 - 10,0
Alkaline number, mmol of HCl/gr of product 1 - 5

Dosage intervals for various materials, in% to the ground material: from 0,025 till 0,15 % The optimum dosage is selected experimentally.

The action of isopropanolamines significantly depends on the amount of ferric phase C4AF in clinker. For most active strength development at 28 days, the content of C4AF in clinker must be greater than 11%.

The dosing of the grinding aid is possible directly in first chamber of the mill, and together with the material coming through conveyor belt, or disc feeders.

The warranty period for the InCEM grinding aid is 1 year from the date of manufacture.
After the expiration of the warranty period the product should be mixed, the test performance should be made and in case of positive results is possible for application. Storage is carried out in atmospheric conditions. With temperaTSre below minus 15 ° C may freeze. After soft and continuous heating the product does not lose its properties. The product is transported by any means of transport, in accordance with the rules of transportation for this type of transport. According to GOST 19433 products are not classified. By effects on the human, the product belongs to the 4th class of hazard (low hazard substance).


TS № 2499-001-78722668-2008 with 1, 2 add. >>
SP № 78722668.20.46823 >>
Expert report № 08/01-655 >>
SRC № RU.52.НЦ.05.008.Е.000218.12.12 >>
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