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Polycarboxylate ethers

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What is SINTEFLOW Polycarboxylate Ethers?

This is a family of synthesized water-soluble polymers for the concrete industry.
Polycarboxylate ethers are the latest generation of water-reducing agents for the concrete production, which are copolymers of acrylic acid of various molecular weights and designs. These polymers can be used not only in Portland cement compositions, but also in compositions for air binders: lime, gypsum and others.

What is the principle of action of polycarboxylate ethers?

The action of all polycarboxylate ethers is based on the steric repulsion of cement grains. A polycarboxylate molecule contains an anionic skeleton that carries a negative charge and is grafted chains of polyethylene oxide (ridges). Depending on the design of the molecule, the anionic skeleton and the crests may have a different structure. But the characteristic property of the molecule is the charge density of the anionic skeleton:
- High charge density - high adsorption - high water reduction - low slump retention.
- Low charge density - low adsorption - low water reduction – high slump retention time.
Based on this regularity, the polycarboxylate line of any manufacturers is developed according to polar principle. On the one hand, these are brands of various water-reducers, on the other hand, slump retarders.
Despite the assurances of some manufacturers, the principle of action of polycarboxylate ethers does not allow combine two properties in one brand: maximum water reduction and maximum high slump retention time. To obtain averaged figures between water reduction and slump can only be mixed polar brands in various proportions.
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What are the benefits of working with SINTEFLOW?

  • The effectiveness of all brands of SINTEFLOW corresponds to the best world analogues;
  • In the product line there are all the necessary brands: effective water reducers, universal water reducers, slump retarders;
  • The price is lower than of any imported analogues;
  • The balanced line of SINTEFLOW is a stable basis for creating any mixes for solving most of the problems faced by manufacturers of concrete admixTSres;
  • Always in stock any brand in any quantities;

Why SINTEFLOW and not others?

n the CIS countries, the only Sintez OKA Group of Companies has a full cycle of polycarboxylate ether synthesis: from ethylene oxide to finished products. Involvement of raw materials produced by the Group of Companies into ready-made ethers of SINTEFLOW polycarboxylates ranges from 61 to 74%.
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  • Thanks to the independence of raw materials, we guarantee the constant prices of our products for a long time;
  • The entire range of ethers is always available, in the warehouse in Dzerzhinsk. The customers does not need to divert working capital to pay for the invoice, logistics, customs clearance, payment of VAT when importing analogues;
  • Any form of packaging: from canister to tank container;
  • The stability of the physicochemical parameters and the effectiveness of the compositions is ensured by the final control of the accredited laboratory for the quality control of finished products of a leading Russian chemical manufacturer;
  • The own construction laboratory conducts daily operational quality control of all manufactured batches in terms of: “plasticization” and “slump retention”;

The range of regular brands SINTEFLOW

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