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Cement & mineral grinding aids

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About InCEM?

This is a family of chemical formulations for cement and other materials to grind. Commodity form - liquid.
By chemical nature are active surfactants of various chemical nature.
The classification is:
  • grinding aids;
  • quality improvers;
  • complex grinding
  • functional additive

The purpose of InCEM?

In cement production InCem applied for:
  • To reduce the specific cost of grinding or increase the output of the mill;
  • To increase the strength develoment of cements;
  • In order to involve a large amount of mineral additives while maintaining the cement strength properties;
  • To regulate other properties of cements: water demand, set time and others;
  • To improve the commodity properties of cement: bulk density, reduce pack-set and others;
In the production of mineral powders InCem is used:
  • To reduce the cost of grinding;
  • To regulate the hydrophobic properties of powders;
When coal grinding, dolomite, lime, limestone and other minerals, InCem is used:
  • To reduce energy consumption for grinding and increase the output of the mill;
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The principle action of InCEM?

The action of additives in cement is divided into two types:
  1. Grinding aids;
  2. Quality improvers;
In the world practice of cement grinding and other solids, for more than 60 years, the theory "Adsorption-related strength decrease of solids" has dominated, this theory is formulated in 1928 by Soviet scientist Peter Alexandrovich Rehbinder. The provisions of this theory fully explain the interaction surface-active substances (surfactants) and solid minerals in the grinding process.
Principles of improving the quality of cement can not be united by one theory. As a rule, ways to improve cement quality is the manufacturer's know-how. Mainly based on cement quality improvement principles laid the chemical interaction of additives and clinker minerals.
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The dosage of InCEM?

Depending on the objectives, the mineralogical composition of clinker, the technological features of grinding equipment and some other factors - from 120 to 500 grams per ton of material.

The grinding cycles for InCEM?

  • InCem is used in ball, centrifugal and VRM, also in roller-press systems with ball mill;
  • InCem is ised in the production of all types of cement, including white;
  • InCem is ised for grinding mineral powders which are in food contact;
  • InCem is ised for both grinding cycles - open and closed;
  • InCem is NOT USED as sludge thinner in the “wet” cycles of cement production.

The dosing place for InCEM?

For dosing of InCem, a dosing pump is used to ensure uniform solution delivery. InCem is fed either into the mill first chamber or to a conveyor belt.
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The benefits obtained from InCEM?

The use of InCem brings additional profit in the form of:
  • Reduced energy consumption. This reduction can be up to 15%;
  • Increase the output of cement mill up to 20%;
  • Increase the overhaul interval. Replace of grinding media are less;
  • Replacement of clinker with mineral additives, with constant quality;
  • Improving cement quality;
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The classification of InCEM?

All InCem products are divided into brands according to the principle of the raw materials used. At the same time, depending on the ratio of the main and additional components, all brands have additional digital signs. For example, InCem E 1000. Digital codes carry no application features, but only necessary to classify products for internal control. In fact, the cumulative number of all formulations as of January 1, 2019 is 131. For 10 years of work, all these formulations are designed to solve various problems at plants in Russia and the CIS countries.

Only InCEM, and not another grinding aid?

  • We are the only one that use our own raw materials for the production of InCem. Specific volume of our own raw materials in our recipes as of January 1, 2019 is 68%;
  • Industry experience - 10 years;
  • Formulations have high efficiency and are introduced at plants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkey and India;
  • Our own raw materials for the production of cement additives are used by the world's largest manufacturers of this products;
  • A wide range of InCem allows you to choose the optimal composition for solving the problems facing cement plants;
  • The stability of the physicochemical parameters is provided by the output control of the accredited laboratories for quality control of finished products of a leading Russian chemical manufacturer;
  • Our own construction laboratory allows to optimize implementation in the production cycle.

Implementation of InCEM?

The implementation of InCem is the first and important stage of work. Sometimes this is due to multi objectives pursued by cement manufacturers. For the selection of the optimal brand is required joint work of engineers of "Sintez OKA" technical support service and the technical service of the Customer
For complete information on the implementation process, visit the page «Implementation of cement additives» >>

The guaranteed efficiency of InCEM?

Our customers can be sure that they receive products of quality and efficiency, for which they paid.
The production cycle guarantees the immutability of technological cycles and raw materials. Each batch passes operational control of all parameters specified in the regulatory documentation. Storage is carried out in thermostatically controlled tanks with constant circulation.
Our confidence in the quality of our products allows us to implement innovative quality control methods using IR Spectrometry.
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Does InCEM affect concrete properties?

Over the years, a lot of research has been done to determine the effect of cement additives on the properties of concrete mixes. None of the studies revealed a negative impact on the indicators:
The protective properties of concrete in relation to steel reinforcement;
Effect on the formation of nitrogen-containing compounds in concrete structures;


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