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Construction chemistry

The principle action of InCEM

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The principle action of InCEM The product line of InCEM consists of 4 product types:
  1. Grinding aids;
  2. Complex cement grinding aids;
  3. Quality improvers;
  4. Functional cement additives
In the world practice of cement grinding and other solids, for more than 60 years, the theory "Adsorption-related strength decrease of solids" has dominated, this theory is formulated in 1928 by Soviet scientist Peter Alexandrovich Rehbinder. The provisions of this theory fully explain the interaction surface-active substances (surfactants) and solid minerals in the grinding process.

Principles of improving the quality of cement can not be united by one theory. As a rule, ways to cement quality is the manufacturer’s know-how. Mainly based on cement quality improvement principles laid the chemical interaction of additives and clinker minerals.

Illustration of the main provisions of the Rebhinder Effect

The wedging effect is based

The wedging effect is based on the penetration of the gmnding aid into the germinal cracks. Since the grinding aid isa surface- —. sit epEG 2400 active substance (surfactant), then under the action of surface tension forces it tends to acquire a spherical shape. as optimal for reducing the surface energy. The process of acquiring a spherical shape leads to a wedging pressure and stimulating the development of cracks deep into the material


The encapsulating effect

The encapsulating effect of the grinding aid consists in adsorbing the grinding aid ee molecules onto the surface of the positively charged grains of the material and creating 8 an encapsulating ionic layer on its surface. At the same time, the surfaces of the grains cenereet acquire the same charge, the action of which pushes the grains from each other, the 8 eo grinding bodies and from the surface of the mill.


This leads to a decrease in the agglomeration of the material. A decrease in agglomeration significantly increases the energy of impact and abrasion. Intensification of grinding has a synergistic effect. Its consequence is the same: an increase in cement flowability, a decrease in caking, an increase in grinding fineness and an improvement in the granulomety composition of the powder.

What does the InCEM consist of?

The main chemical compounds that act as grinding aids in cement and other carbonate minerals are ethoxylated and oxypropylated products. To a lesser extent, glycols of various molecular weights, polyalcohols, polyethers and some other compounds have these properties. In world practice, Triethanolamine Methyldiethanolamine, Diethanolisopropanolamine and Triisopropanolamine have found the greatest use. First three of these compounds are serially produced by Sintez OKA Group of companies.
All InCEM complex grinding aids and quality improvers, are consist of these substances and up to 5 to 12 additional components can be used together with the above compounds. The combination and composition are selected to achieve certain goals: rheology, strength, cement flowability and many others.

Product line of InCEM

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